Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Tobacco Day!

After all the government efforts of TAK NAK MEROKOK campaigns which meant to bring down the number of smokers, the public just seems to be so mental-blocked and totally ignorant with the message beyond it. Well I guess the (hardcore or social) smokers would read "Merokok Merbahaya Untuk Kesihatan" as "Merokoklah Lagi....please...".

Other side jokes that were creatively created from this 'community’ to reciprocate the sickening images resulting from the smoking habits (which being shown on every cigarette box) so it could be hidden from their sights are:
1. Not looking at the box every time a cigarette is being picked out.
2. Transfer the cigarettes into their own casing.
3. Block the image with thumb. (aku tak paham asal tactic ni bangang sangat!)
4. Re-positionize the box-wrapping-plastic upside down to get the so-called covering sticker.
5. Buat dek jer pasal tak heran langsung……

Are’nt these nonsenses fondly called as self denial???

I know this sounds pretty harsh to my own sibling, my kazens and my frens. But hey, I love u guys so much that I don’t want you to let your supposedly blissful life just because of this health-endangered habit…alrite.. ;)

Besides promoting all the smoking quitting products (since u already knew about it), I might rather suggest all of you to start saving the money from buying cigarettes and spend them for my present instead… ok per!

Monday, May 25, 2009


no comment.
jaw oredi cramped.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

LELA...letak getah adik ipar saya...

LELA lagi?
korang tak de name heroin lain ker?? yang bikin gua jeles nih!!!
memilih sangat. $&%#*@ !!!!!

muka pelat..suka pelat....lela..oh lela....

aku memang tok leh terima betul kawboi-kawboi yang poyo nih... memanjang la tembak tak kena! allergic dowh!

bush! dusyum! arrghh! bang! boom!

uihh.... jangan la sotop itu gado!
ayyo! birinti la!
kasi gado sana punya kampung ta bole ka?
itu bunyi saya tak bule tahan la macha.....

serraaabbaaaiii !!!

jom karak-okey!
lalalalalalalala....... enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ghapla jingga!

Macam-macam sebenarnya yang jadi dalam minggu ni, but yesterday attracts me the most…huhu. Well, after a long extra hardworks which forcing me to reach home really late everyday, my new wish is to BALIK AWAL! ;D

Ku sangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya petir guruh tsunami taufan dan hujan renyai-renyai di siang hari. Kena stay back lagi daaa…… well I think the office loves me though.. hhmm.. iieee yucks!

Yesterday I had a yearly performance appraisal with my boss. I took a seat, cakap pasal tu, cakap pasal ni, komen itu, komen ini, my ultimate expectation, my main priority, bla bla bla bla…… ok, done! (issyy..aku bukan nak citer pasal ni sebenarnyer…adei..)

Then kelam kabut sambung keje balik. Aku ajak sorang collegue ni kalau dia plan nak balik lambat. Dia ok nak blah around 9 – 9.30. so kitaorang ni settlekan keje selaju mungkin.

Aku tengok jam dah pukul 9.30. I went to her & she said, “Pukul 10 la kite blah..”. Aku pun happy la sebab banyak lagi benda yang nak ditengok. Again, tengah-tengah buat tu, my fren dah ready nak balik. Alamak, rupe-rupenya dah kul 10.20 and aku just suruh je dia balik dulu. Finally, when 2 male bosses whom still left in the dept wanted to go back, aku pun terpaksa akur dengan kehendak mereka. So I reached home around 10.30.

Masuk rumah je lampu kat bawah dah tutup. Semua orang dah tdo..??? aik??? Biasenyer time cenggini k.lia or abg pa akan bertapa kat depan tv or depan laptop. Hhmm…maybe k.lia demam & abg pa belum balik lagi kot. Pastu si Gabby-yang-dah-tak-gemuk-ni sibok meow meow mintak makanan. Iissyy…aku g dapo sambil mulot bising membebel asal Gabby ni ngada-ngada sangat sekarang.
“ko nih Gabby memilih makanan sangat! Tengok orang kat Africa tu! Tak de makanan tau! Ni mesti nak semua yang fresh. Pastu bile bagi tak reti-reti nak habiskan. Kucing lain yang makan. Bla bla bla bla…….”

Suddenly Abg Pa melontarkan suara yang agak kuat,
“Sapa tuh??”

I was like, laa…mamat ni dah balik ke.. hhmmm..
“hajar la”..

Pastu dia melontarkan suara yang berbunyi lega,

Naik atas, dah settle siap-siap, aku sambung buat keje plak. Sambil bukak tv. Kul 12, keluar berita Nightline. Tengak dok leka, aku dengar newscaster tu sebut,
“Kejadian tembak menembak & beberapa orang telah terbunuh…bla..bla..bla.. di DAMANSARA KIM, PETALING JAYA”.

I was like, wut..????!!!!!! uih, biar betol!!!! Terbeliak mata aku pandang tv tu. Again I was saying to myself, Ya Allah, ni bile ni? Nasib la aku balik tak lalu jalan belakang. Sebab gelap sket kat situ. Aku lalu jalan depan.

Hari ni, aku pegi dengan mak to HUKM for her medical check-up routine. Sambil borak-borak tu, mak bukak citer pasal malam semalam dia dengar bunyi siren polis kuat sangat around 9.30. Half an hour lepas tu, dengar lagi. Aku cakap ngan dia patut la news kul 12 kluar citer ade orang kena tembak mati kat belakang rumah.

Dah samapi rumah, adegan yang sama berlaku lagi.. eheh.. Kali ni to confirm with ahli lain dalam rumah tu pulax…poyos kan we all…… ;)
Mak: Lia, yang semalam kiter dengar siren ntah ambulans ke polis yang kuat tu memang ade kes la. Orang jahat tu terserempak dengan polis ronda.
K.Lia: Aaaaa….patut la.
Aku: Benda ni jadi biler sebenarnyer ni? Semalam ke 2 malam lepas?
K.Lia & Mak jawab serentak: Semalam!
Aku: Ooo ok. Alhamdulillah. Hajar actually nak balik dah around 9 sumthing tu, tapi tak jadi. eessyy..kalau tak dengan saya-saya kluar dalam news semalam. Eerr... Na'uzubillah. Anyway, dalam news sempat tunjok orang mati tuuuuuuuuuu…. Tapi dah kena tutup ngan platic hitam la.. eheh. Pastu keter Honda warna biru gilllerrrr remmmokk langgar pokok ke tembok ntah….
K.Lia: Sape yang mati?
Aku: Bangla. Dia actually kena kidnapped!
K.Lia: Huh?? Bangla? kena kidnap? Kenapa orang nak kidnap dia?
Aku: Ntah. Mak cakap orang tu nak rompak sebab mat bangla tu ada credit card. Kaya kot.
K.Lia: Ekk? Habis orang yang kidnap dia tu sape?
Aku: Hmm..eerr…ntah. Orang m’sia kot. Bangsa tatau. Eh kak, ntah-ntah kan dua-dua ekor ni komplot sama sendiri. Last-last dua-dua kantoi!
K.Lia: Habis, sape tembak sape ni? Yang mane satu orang jahat jadinyerrr?
Aku: A’ah ek. Cek pun tak taww. Sebenaqnya telinga cek jadi tak beghapa nak dengaq sangat apa oghang news tu dok habaq mai. Mata tu dok luweh tengoq gambaq tempat benda tu jadi… sori na.. eheh..

Haaayyy…nak ceghita tu bukan main sungguh-sungguh. Tapi al-kisahnya sendighi pon tak paham…. Ghapla jingga tui aku ni!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tribute to Allahyarham Ahmad Syuzaimi Alham

Until today, im still receiving emails narrating to Abg Mie or Mimie or Syuzaimi from our hikerz circle. It has been almost 2 weeks since the day we learnt about his death but everybody could still feel and smell of his dearly presence.

I hardly recognised Abg Mie's face when we paid him a visit a week before his final farewell. He was bedded in a single room under the Intensive Care Unit where nurse presence is a must to be monitoring the ECG rate and all at every second passes by. He somehow looked smaller in the green hospital clothe wrapping around the body than i used to know him. His head was fully covered but according to our friend, apparently the chemos that he had undergone twice were causing him great hair loss. I was almost in tears looking at all the wires being sticked on to his chest, hands, the urine tube plus another one which had been inserted through the mouth for liquid foods or medication, i guess (fyi, he has been hospitalised for nearly 3 months so presumably his nerves fit for these purposes have all 'used').

I have to admit, yes we were aware of his very-critical condition. Of course i could see it right in front of my eyes of how ill-looking he was after being put under the coma state. His families and friends have been alarmed on the almost-zero-chance and were advised to prepare for any outcome and contingency which has the possibility to incur along the way. All his doctors (3 specialists to be specific) dare not to put any word on his life. The percentage of oxygen gases were keep narrowing in the blood vessels which forcing him to face some serious breathing difficulties. Due to the reason, he was totally supported by a respirator.
At the time we visited him, his condition was reaching to a Leukaemia stage at no time as the disease has affects the bone marrow and lymphatic tissues. It appears that all cancers begin in cells, which make up blood and other tissues. Normally, cells grow and divide to form new cells as the body needs them. When cells grow old, they die, and new cells take their place. Sometimes this orderly process goes wrong and this was what happened to Abg Mie. His new cells form when the body does not need them, and old cells do not die when they should. Bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells that eventually crowd out and eventually would superceed the count of other cells.

arwah before he got coma later on the same day. beside him is Sonny (close friend)

Nevertheless the shocking news has its impact until the time im writing this entry. I could still recall the poignant moment. It was a normal tuesday morning and i was rushing on the stairways to swipe off my office card and coincidentally i bumped into K.Yati. She looked at me and slowly gushed the words out. Simple and straight to the point - "Ja, Mie dah tak de.....".

Ya Allah. Innalillahiwaiinailaihirajiun. My jaw dropped. My heart stopped beating as if the clock has halted its clicking. I cant believe my ears nor what i've just heard. Felt blur. My usual-hyper-talkative-mouth totally shut and was remained silence until i was able to convince myself that this is real. In my head, there was only 1 thing i could ever think of - how the wife & their little daughter (whose reaching 2 years old) are doing... I can only pray for Allah to grant them patients as big as mountain, calmness as compose as water and strength as brawny as metal; to endure this huge loss.

Last but not least, a tribute to Ahmad Syuzaimi Alham @ Abg Mie @ Mimie,

THANK YOUs for......
....our short friendship but its worthwhile
....continued to be patient to stay right behind me when i was having some stupid shoe problem while going down from dabong.
....not to mention your non-stop motivation - "tak per jar. tak per. kitaorang ade. ikut jer pace awak k. jangan rushing rushing".
....helping us to ensure hikerz tdo mlm tak berlapar (i cud easily recall that moment).
....lending your ears for our problems.
....reaching out your hands to us.
....being manusia yang tak kedekut ilmu langsung.
....being such a patient & cool mate.

Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas ini semua (tak tertulis rasanya segala jasa-jasa arwah pada kami). Semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmatNya dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Amin.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

*biar miskin asal kaya hati*

fantastic picture + great message = luv it!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

title: (hint - combine the RED alphabets into 1)

Pagi jumaat semalam saya ada bangun siket awal. Siap-siap, grab handphone + segala-gala benda munasabah & tak munasabah masuk dalam handbag, then turun bawah. Memandangkan mase tu banyak naaa barang nak bawak turun, aku terpaksa masukkan home cordless phone dalam handbag coz dah tak cukup tangan nak pegang.

Ni konon plan nak gi ofis awal sebab nak kena tukar & iron tudung hijau yang lebih cun kaler dia..hehe. Idea yang paling tak tahan, aku siap bekal iron gi ofis ok! Ha! Masuk dalam paper bag lagi nyah! Yer yer nih ingat semalam first Friday & kena pakai unipom! Since the whole week tu k.zura yang bertuah asyik la dok sibok suruh amik stock tudung kat kedai sebab dia tak sabar-sabar dah nak pakai hari jumaat ni! Aku siap ingat HR dept lupe nak send email reminder about today’s Greenday… Cewah! Ingat orang lain luper.. infact mase nak parking keter, terserempak ngan miza yang pakai baju pink! aiissyy, aku siap bagi signal tangan tanye “mane baju hijau kau???” Semangat aku..! Masalahnyer minah tu cam takde response. Instead, dia buat muke selamber dog & cam biase trademark sengih dia tuh. Aku cam pelik... K, mayb dia tak paham or blur kot pagi-pagi nih.

Dah sampai kat lift, bump into plaks.. dia pun tak pakai baju hijau. Sekali lagi aku wat style inspector sahab, “baju hijau…? Mane?”. Muke aku kondifen! Aku plak sengih-sengih. Then jawab, “Eh, ini hari second Friday la jar………….”. Ok, aku rase kali ni aku tak yah nak type panjang-panjang la kan ekspresi wajahku macam mane kan…. lu pikir la sendiri! Gelak gelak jangan tak gelakkan aku.

Fine. Tak pe. Aku masuk dept, ramai gak yang tertipu. Bagus. Ade geng. Aku pikir blasah jer la. Penat-penat bekal iron ni, gosok je la. Lepas pilih tudung paling cun (konon………..), iron & trus pakai. Tujuan sebenar lagi satu nak advertise kaler nih…hehe. Marketing!

Last skali, mase nak bawak keluar segala barang-barang munasabah & tak munasabah dari handbag, aku ternampak bendasing yang berwarna ke’silver’an. Asal ade 2 handphone lak nih? Tengok-tengok, Ya Allah…..mengucap panjang aku.

Macam mane aku boleh terbawak phone rumah plak nih..??????!!!!???!

Rupe-rupenye aku lupe nak bawak kluar dari handbag mase turun tangga tuh. Gosh! pelupenyer aku.. Tak habis lagi malu aku silap ingat hari unipom, ade plak lagi satu tragedi may menimpa pagi-pagi jumaat yang mulia nan bahagia tu. X-men betul!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tomok deserves it! (jangan gelak pls....)

wow! i cant believe myself shouting TOMOK! TOMOK! TOMOK! for countless times! (tak sangka begini jadinya aku...ahaks..)

its pretty amazing how u badly preferred this guy to win the 1 million ringgit especially when songs like "Sejarah Mungkin Berulang" and whatever songs brought by his tangkap-leleh-boy-band used to irritate your hearing system easily...huhu.

but now Tomok has totally transformed to a 1 cool musician who brings cool musics. i never knew he got so much talents as an artist. nice renditions la bang!

fuh! RM 1,000,000.00 !! inilah namanya rezeki... ;)

Symptoms then and their Current Prognosis.

Remember when we were young? Life was so simple then...
Symptoms and prognosis:

1. Skippy heartbeat when you think of him/her.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Ventricular fibrillation and Myocardial Infarction.

2. Restless trembling of hands, feet and other body parts.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Parkinson's Disease

3. Constant smiling.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Bell's Palsy

4. Absent mindedness, inability to focus on tasks at work or at home.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease

5. Weakening of knees and bursts of energy when he/she calls or comes over.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Multiple Sclerosis

6. Inability to stop thinking about him/her.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

7. Bruising on neck, and other tender areas
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Leukemia (yang ni lawak tak hengat....wakakakaka)

8. Insomnia.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

9. Feeling that you can smell/hear/feel him/her when not in him/her presence.
Symptoms then: Love
Prognosis now: Schizophrenia (hoho!)

*gotten this from an email