Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aku semakin terus akui usia tidak semestinya menunjukkan kematangan.

Entry kali ni bukanlah tujuan untuk condemn dan mengaibkan sesiapa. Its more into questioning the so called Malaysians’ all-time slogan ‘Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita’ that has becoming unreflective and lack of its value from being embedded in our daily lives practicalities. Who to blame? Is it the slogan or the people? After diagnosing the cause, what’s next? Change the slogan? Or transform and educate the sickening human behavioural?

From the above, my brain initialized the signals to my hand which triggered me to write about this. It started of when my fren went to this wedding. I don’t want to mention the bride’s name & her family here as everybody might be knowing her celebrity sister. These couples were actually our juniors in high school and the groom is also a neighbour to my fren. Aku pun tak tau depa ni dok bercouple since skolah lagi & apparently they were destined to be together until now, Alhamdulillah.

Despite all the glamorous fancy mincy wedding gowns (or suits I must say) plus the whole set ups which blend along with its indonesian touches as that was the main theme for their wedding, still my interest was not belongs to it.

Well it belongs to the groom’s family. Particularly on his ‘pilot’ dad. I suppose its becoming our custom in every wedding to have marhaban or Quran reciting or at least a simple doa before the event officially starts. And this one was not excluded for having a front slot for it. The event started off really well and like any other wedding, there will be someone or maybe more who representing any sides of the groom’s or bride’s families, just to crack laughter with jokes, delivering nice & touching speech to the newly wedded couple, lovely slide shows or maybe some cool musical performances. All of these ‘colors’ are definitely needed to enlighten the wedding atmosphere so nobody will leave the place unexpectantly…huhu..

But in accomplishing it, there’s always a line to limit yourself from getting too ‘far’ and going out of the place even though it’s a tiny one. Unlike what happened, the groom’s father was actually had so much fun of entertaining people with countless of dirty jokes (which my fren cakap nak gelak pun cam tak kuasa nyer hai!..) that really left everyone with wide eyes opened and of course…disbelieves! It goes something like these:-

“Oh u know xxxxxxxx, im a pilot & so does my son. And lemme tell u something here, to please a pilot’s heart, u will just have to do it thru his stomach…or maybe ‘below’ the stomach!”…pastu gelak ha hu ha hu ha hu ha… tak per ni lepak lagi. Then he continued with more obvious ones - “U know xxxx likes to play football…and also basketball…or maybe any sports involving balls but it might be smaller in size like a uh ball?” And these idiot jokes have taken place for 15 minutes or more.
Pastu dengan tibe-tibenyer he changes the topic to – Gen 2.
“Well, pilot is usually picky when it comes to driving cars. Thrills and excitements being felt when our hands are steering well-manoeuvred engines just like how we handle the craft. Bla bla bla bla… However, sometimes we just have to use our Malaysia-made car, u know like the Gen 2. Gen 2 is good”. Pastu ha hua ha hua hiha lagi..

Soon the emcee took over the stage, he was some sort like ‘helping’ to explain, “Untuk pengetahuan anda semua, Gen 2 yang dimaksudkan tadi ialah Janda Anak 2".

Rite! WTF?? Upon hearing the story, I was like… Aper cer la pakcik ni…?? Mabok ko apo? What was his motive in the first place? What he was actually trying to do? Giler tak lawak langsung dowh! I asked my fren, “Abih kau gelak jugak? How did xxxxxxxx reacts to it?”

My fren jawab, “mule-mule tu aku cam senyum jer la coz the family members were standing near me, so kena cover sket. Lama-lama tu sangat menyampah lar! Aku tak tengok sangat kat pengatin coz aku duduk membelakangkan stage. I mean u have to behave accordingly la kan.. kita ni orang islam. I know him. His families are ok. Tak la plak aku sangka dia leh wat cenggini on his own son’s wedding. Aku yang malu tau tak jar…”

Aku setuju - “Exactly! Ape? By doing that, it shows how liberal he is, is that it? Fine, most of your families are pilot. But seriously, SO WHAT?! Which part of it that has got to do with contaminating the pureness of a nuptial? For God sake, father si xxxxxxx tu dah la orang alim, family dia baik-baik. Even though u felt shamelessly nothing & totally out of guilt with what u did, at least just have some respects to your new extended family as in your OWN BESAN and the rest of the invitees la ok.

Being funny is undeniably likeable and most people enjoy it very much. It looses the tense in the air. And to insert dirty jokes in between your speech is also acceptable in formal events like wedding but do it in a subtle & well-mannered way lar.

FYI, the same thing had happened on his eldest son’s wedding. A well-planned powerpoint slides were being played. Guess what was the joke? Have you all heard or read anywhere about a story of 3 daughters whom got married & the father would ask them every week how their hubbys are like. And each of them will give a simple answer that explains everything. Well the simplest would be a tagline la kan. The first 2 sisters gave taglines for Celcom & ape ntah...(sori, luper). When came the youngest one’s turn, she said, Kini, setiap hari, 7 kali seminggu – MAS’s tagline! Lelucon macam ni memang la takde menda sangat bile BACA SORANG-SORANG, but certainly not a wedding teaser! Memang sengaja nak jadi bahan la dey all ni..

I like my fren’s sis nyer statement, “I cant wait for the next wedding!” kui kui kui kui....;p

Monday, April 13, 2009

quiz yang suam-suam kuku best dia (3)


Ajis atau Aziz lakonan Aziz Sattar memang sesuai dengan peribadi anda. Suka mengusik dan menyakat, tetapi manja dengan teman-teman rapat. Anda juga suka mengalah dengan member2, kalau naik beca tu anda takdahal nak duduk kat lantai beca tu. Anda suka memasak bila ada masa lapang, tetapi awas, kadang2 ayam yang anda masak boleh bertukar menjadi kayu.

quiz yang tak berapa nak pandai (2)

Bisu dan Pekak!!!!

Tahniah!!! Anda bakal memiliki seorang Ibu Mertua yang Bisu dan Pekak.. Jadi anda tak perlu bimbang untuk berkata kata dan tak perlu gusar untuk mendapat komen atau komplen dari mak mertua anda tu... ;p

quiz yang tak berapa nak pandai (1)


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Aku peeeeeennnnatttt/tired/letih/drained/capek/exhausted/dead-beat/worn-out/ sangat. This year’s financial end closing betul-betul mendera aku. Tertekan babe! Bayangkan tiap-tiap hari aku menatap menatang monitor tu 14-16 jam. Sekarang ni abg pa plak yang boleh balik awal dari aku..ha! kan pelik tu.

Aku dah sampai rumah, memang aku nampak katil je kat mata ni. Dah takde maknenyer nak online, update blog, check facebook,/frenster ke, ym ke, aku dah memang tak larat sangat. Banyak je sebenarnyer benda-benda nak tulis , tapi bile time nak tulis je, aku pikir ada baiknye aku tido. Just imagine kadang-kadang aku kena sambung kat rumah keje-keje tu walaupun balik dah lewat giler. Part ni paling menguji tahap iq tul! Hahaha…mane taknyer, naik pening kepala tahan ngantok,. Pehtu kepala non-stop tersengguk – tersengguk.

Yang lagi klakar, nak potong kuku pun tak menyempat. ade sekali tu, aku kena kejar mase sebab banyak lagi yang tak settle for another closing. Tengah buat kejer, perut plak sakit. Tak boleh nak tahan lagi, aku bawak kertas yang aku tengah reconcile tu & pencil. Sambil ‘layan’ sambil buat kejer... time nak kire..alamak! calculator tak bwk. Hmm..terpaksa kire bahagi manual (mcm zaman darjah-darjah dolu)… huhu…poyo tahap keliwon tul aku nih..eheh.

Sumtimes aku rase macam nak give up jer. Aku jadi macam tak mampu nak push myself further. Letih macam nak koma. I need a break. I need some vacation. A relaxing place kinda thing. Cuti budak-budak finance kena freeze berbulan-bulan because of this year end closing. So sekarang aku cam menyampah bile tengok department lain amik cuti. Ces…!! Jaga korang, account publish jer, aku amik cuti setahon!! Akan ku ‘spa’ & ‘sauna’ badanku ini….hhmpphh!

This time nyer year end memang melampau!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ayah’s great passion of photography

Last weekend Abg Bis was looking for his pictures during his trip to mane ntah. During the searching, he found several mak’s & ayah’s albums which contained pictures from their college years, to the dating interlude, to the nuptials and to when the Kasri’s generation started grew bigger. Without any hesitance, I ran to join him. Jap lepas tu, everybody was there…:D

I’m weirdly wondering how I didn’t know the existence of these pictures. Ade yang dah penah tengok, but most of them belum! I was caught between surprise and exhilaration. Both because I had to see how both of them found each other’s love, romantically involved, mak’s fashion sense (damn she was one &*% of a sexy lady!! *double wink*) during the retro years, rambut style VB okay!, how ayah held mak in his arm during their dancing nite, ayah painted himself to look like a zombie for one of their sketches (seriously macam rupe Labi mase nyanyi lagu ‘Aci Aci Buka Pintu’ in the P.Ramlee’s classic ‘Nasib Si Labu Labi), how mak can simply did a model-like pose while holding “an umbrella” (sangat hindustan okay!) on a beach sand (its amazing how the payung by any chance was happened to be just at the right time & place…hhmmm?? Suda preplanned ka?), K.Ti looking literally blur when she was surrounded with a huge doll and other toys during her first birthday party (perhaps she didn’t realised it at all), K.Ti, K.Da & Abg Pa during their hey-days plus countless of memorable and other “impressive” pictures lagi la...ahaks.

To my siblings, sorry to mention this but im still sinking in a big pool of question marks of just how u all had the GUTS to allow yourselves in fitting your skinny body into those tight shirts paired with hot-pants and knee-length stockings at one go?? Not to forget the horrible loose tied pony tail and the abu-bakar-elah hair styles. Ouch!

I just cudn’t stop laughing that I called K.Ti to share this with her. She was about to sleep before I rang her, but hearing to my excitement, both of us burst into big laughs. My ears cud hear as she was explaining to Abg Jijan, “they all ni tengah tengok album dolu-dolu…pastu gelakkan i..haha”.

I luv this moment. Full of funs! It resembles our close-knit. I must say that I am proud to be the daughter to Kasri and Ishah, little sister to Aswati, Ida, Papa and Lubis, in-law to Azizan, Rita and Azreen, auntie to Anwar, Nadia, Amir, Amin, Alysa, Iman, Akif, Umair, Shuhaib, Khadijah and baby Maryam.

These are the people that meant everything to me (besides relatives and friends, of course!). You are my air to breath, my soul to live, my strength to strive.

To ayah, I miss u. Really do.
May I take this opportunity to seek all moslem readers of lara_amani to recite Al-Fatihah for my late dad – Hj Kasri Ibrahim. Thank you and may Allah taala blesses u with your thoughts and kindness ;)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's bustles...

This mornin’, me gotten up quite late. Qada’ for 1 week of sleep lacking…huhu. Felt like having the recently introduced KFC breakfast meal tu (hehe cam samdol…jadi bahan jer lepas tu), but since it was already near to noon, plan cancelled. Grab the phone & rang Ima for lunch. So we headed to the nearby Tropicana mall. After several rounds of looking for the right place to give our hungry crunch at halt, finally we actually stopped at …ta daaaa….teka rr….Kenny Rogers jer.. Boleh la tu…. Got ourselves few things at the Body Shop & Crocs. Ima la…slipar hilang 1 pair jer, but she brilliantly replaced it with 3 pairs... family’s protocol eh? Sketnyer poyo dowh ;p

Gi Esso sat, Ima had something to settle there. Still sangap giler, we picked Sarah up at Yas’s & went straight to Desa Parkcity. Good idea since it had been a long time I didn’t lepak there. The last hang out that I cud remember was on my birthday nite…peh! Last year tu………

Sarah got a theme for the first reception already, which we thank God for that… coz at this moment, minah tu really has no idea yet for baju nikah & receptions, make up, cards, theme for the second reception, number of items to be made for hantaran tak abis beli lagi plus other zillion things left to think when she only has 3 more months to settle everything..hhmmm.. pity her.. ;(

Newayz, we’ll be wearing maroon insyaAllah. Ive asked ima to buy the materials as she’s leaving for Jakarta tomorrow. Also kain for Fatin’s wedding sumwhere in June. Aku kena jadi bridesmaid…again. Cet! Nasib shima’s engagement (which also planned to be held in this coming June) demands nothing but our presence.

Am just wondering when is my turn to do the pick among our clan to walk me down the aisle…hhmmm….hope its not just a wishful thinking. Trying really hard to have a positive mind ‘ere ok!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

cheese!! oh sori... err.. say uuuuuhhhhhh (pouty lips)!

this is wut will happen when u got stucked in a jam...true story ok. *blagh*