Monday, August 31, 2009

Selamat Ramadhan & Selamat Merdeka...

again, its been awhile ive not been updating lara_amani...

so here i am to wish everbody (even though its kinda late..i kno) a blessful ramadhan. semoga kita semua memperoleh fadhilat fadhilat yang tersembunyi dalam bulan yang paling mulia ini.

also to wish happy merdeka day to all malaysians. for what we have went through, do not ever forget jati diri kita. dari mana asal kita. tumpah darah kita. besides that, the needs to hold firm to our own principal from letting our minds being influenced by other idealistic is far important as well. pikir la sendiri...haha.

alamak, nak g bazaar.... bye..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Special one for both of u... ;)

The happiest day for our dearest Sarah & Ilyas started FROM ........................

The weekend getaway @ monterez. Thanks to Ima the queen who was the one who initiated the whole idea, the place, the dishes, the music (adei..............), and of course not to forget, the theme - "Santai Glamour" ...wooohooo!! Thanks to Yas & Hisham who patiently bbq-ed the yummilicious udang, ayam, sotong & segala galanya lah. Thanks to Ruz who CAME LATE with his MJ bling bling style (aku just requote jer aper ima cakap okay...) & not to forget the time when u actually shouted about ima's pants (gelak guling wa cakap lu....!!!). Thanks to Sarah who came up with a brilliant game...haha! Last but not least mesti la Shima & I. Tanpa we all, semua ni tiada makna kan...hhmmm..i know. ;p

The Malam Berinai a.k.a Malam Buat Kerja ak.a Malam Posing Sakan Part 1.
The akad nikah. With one lafaz (the one before the first one tu kire testing 123 je la kan...paham tak? aah, wutever), Alhamdulillah.... Sar is officially Yas's..... ;)


Sarah's reception being held at Civic MPPJ Hall on 070809. nice date huh!
Well, all the best to the both of u as a new life chapter has just been entered. A journey that lies ahead with full of fun & challenges. May your marriage lasts forever and will always be blessed by Allah taala.

psstt....Sar. Yas gile bola. Make sure boleh dapat 11 orang tau. Kasi ganti squad kebangsaan tu. MAJULAH SARAH UNTUK SUKAN! yeah..!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jagalah Gigi Anda

Mohon ampun ibu ibu sama bapak bapak sekalian... i ferrrgot to give some tips loh gi mana mau caranya untuk ngatasi tiap kali gigi kita jadi nyut nyut...okay! ;D

  1. Sekiranya gigi yang sakit tu bengkak, jangan terus di tampal atau cabut. Please inform the doctor first and they will give u an antibiotic in order to kill the bacteria which will subside the swollen part.

  2. AMARAN! - Jangan sesekali letak minyak angin pada gigi yang berlubang atau kawasan sekitarnya. Mampos berguling la nanti.

  3. Untuk yang beragama Islam, letakkan jari pada gigi/tempat yang sakit tersebut dan baca surah Al-Mulk, ayat 23. Fahami maksudnya dan yakin Allah sahaja yang berkuasa untuk menyembuhkan kita atau sebaliknya. Praktik ni dilakukan oleh Rasulullah saw sendiri seperti hadith yang diriwayatkan oleh Ibn Abbas.

  4. Kalau ada yang buat minor surgeri dan gusinya dijahit, waktu untuk buka jahitan sekurang kurangnya adalah seminggu. In the mean time, kalau jahitan tu tercabut sendiri atau ade sedikit bengkak, dats NORMAL. Tapi kalau tiba tiba sakit sangat, consult your dentist secepat mungkin.

  5. gosok la gigi selalu. wut else kan...........

No more toothache please................

My wisdom teeth was in pain again…. So bad that I cudnt sleep at nite. It was the same teeth which I’ve gone through several treatments including a root canal. Next morning, when I woke up, my left cheek seems to be bigger than the other one caused by the swollen gums. Dun ask how it felt like….sakit lar!

Coincidentally my mom had an appointment at the Klinik Kesihatan Bangsar where she ‘happily’ promoted to everybody how good the place is. Fine, aku ikutlah sebab dah tak tahan sangat.

After my waiting number was called, I went in, the lady dentist said, “Ok, ni kena cabut ni”, without asking me is the area aching or not (aku ni main tibai je la coz dah sakit…how am I supposed to know the consequence kalau cabut gigi mase tengah sakit). Anyway cant she looked at how swollen the area is??!!?? Tup..tup…she gave 2 injections to get it numb and said, “Ok dah, u boleh tunggu kat luar & bayar seringgit yer…”. I was like, “eerr…oh..ok”.

So I did what she has instructed & waited patiently at the ruang menunggu. Few minutes later, my number was being called again. Aik! I looked at my mom, “my number again la….wow! ini sudah efficient..eheh..”. Unfortunately her turn didn’t turn up yet.

Soon as I sit on the chair, belum pun ilang rasa gabra & suspense aku, she already took God knows wut the thing supposed to be called lar…playar kot - to remove my tooth. Damn! I hinted her to add 1 more injection coz i didn’t feel fully numb on that particular area. But she resisted & being so confident as 2 were enuff. Anyhoo, soon as she starts to extract the molar teeth out, terrified filled me in. I had an experience where a lady dentist didn’t have enuff strength to pull the same tooth as the root was still strong. Instead I ended up with cuts all over the place. Truma la aku kan…. Anyway, back to this story, I just have got to put my tawakal to Allah taala & soon I realized, everything was over. She said she’s done & asked me to wait outside for my medicine.

I went out, I saw my mom, I smiled, I sit & I PASSED OUT! yup…aku pengsan! I heard my name being called several times but the voices starts to become slower & gone. Everything seems black. I can feel how weak my body was. Amazingly my subconscious mind was still thinking of what the heck is happening to me, am I dying, is this how it felt when ure pengsan, u kno…..stuff like that. Funny lar coz aku memang seumur hidup tak pernah merasa benda benda macam ni. What more hospitalised, so far pun Alhamdulillah tak penah lagi.

I cud feel my body being lifted and pushed on ‘something’ (hahah….aku bley sempat ingat atas stretcher….bodo giler! klinik gigi mane ade stretcher ngok. wheelchair je la paling hebat pun). Just right after I had the extra strength left to at least open up my eyes, I opened them widely. As wide as possible. I refused to let my eyes close even for a second. Takut. I didn’t know exactly why but I was scared to let it happen…again. So they shifted me on a recliner to lower down my head as the oxygen will have a fast flow to my brain. When asked am I okay, my head just nodded reaalllyy sloooooowly with my eyes following it. I had no energy at all. Rase macam tenaga ni habis kena serap keluar. Felt damn week that I cudnt even lift my hand yang jatuh terkulai disisiku…ecewah! (drama kena ade bebeh…)

1 of the dentists took off my scarf, belt, shoes, basically everything that would block the air from me. After gaining my full consciousness, I was being given a mug of glucose through a straw of course! Remember, gusi sebelah kiri aku dok berdarah darah lagi ni + kena sumbat dengan kapas lagi ha. Nak teguk bodo camtu je lagu mana...?

The best part was, that lady dentist comfortably presumed my reason being passed out was because I was scared to death kena cabut gigi. Pale otak dier! Ingat aku ni budak darjah 3 ke? I didn’t even sleep the whole last nite, had no breakfast at all that morning sebab gigi dah sakit giler and blood gashed out profusely when she got the tooth removed, has it never occured to her that a person could has low blood pressure and could go blackout due to all these circumstances…huh? I got so mentally sick and physically weak, just kept quiet and chow from the place. K.lia helped me to walk the place out and ensure I didn’t fall again..huhu. There was 1 nice lady offered me to lie down at a surau while waiting for mom’s minor surgery. Semoga Allah merahmati dia.

What an experience kan….malu weh orang tengok kita pengsan macam tu. Issyy…..segannya. Meremang bulu roma everytime I recall that moment. Because of me, tempat tu jadi huru hara kejap, adei….. lagi 1 yang paling memalukan adalah, kalau pengsan kat hospital ke, logic la sket, ni kat klinik gigi??!! OMG! Tak de tempat lain ke kak….?!!? Warrgghhh!! Maluuuu!!! Lagi bestnyer, kena lalu balik tempat kejadian…Wallawei! Tahap dewa 19 dah malu aku ni….adoi!!!

Gelak eh……?

The next day, I have got to resume my work at the office. MC 1 hari je ;( …hhmmppeh. Am having closing pulak this week, ya Allah..memang betul betul menguji ketabahanku kali ni. Even though I was on painkiller, but when u had your body working extra hard & not having enuff rest, u cud still feel the pain & the body could gives a total wreck. When I check the wounds, how surprised I was to find out it has been infected with blood & pus. Definitely comes with uneasy smells. Yucckss…….

That night, the same nightmare recurred. I kept on waking up to spit and brush my tongue so I wont taste the blood. On Friday (semalam la…), first thing in the morning, told me mom about it, ran thru my smses for a dentist number given by my kazen which she has been recommending it almost a year by now...hihi, rang the no, unable to fix an appointment as it was too last-minute, however I managed to convince the receptionist to allow me to come at 12:30pm.

At 11:45, me, mak & umair (nak ikut jugak…) were already there. Dr Thiruchelvam at Pristine Dental was so kind & very delicate in handling his patients. His first impression when he looked at my wounds was, “Gosh, this is bad….how could they let u just like that after the teeth was being removed?”. So he washed out the area from all the blood + pus & put some ‘chakra’ (a substance which I heard him calling it…haha…sounds like cakrawala kan…adoi) in the deep cone-like-hole. With an angelic voice, I asked for a day off. Hihi. But he totally understood how I need it badly even though my face doesn’t seem to act/show like one. Got wut I mean not? Tak paham sudah. He then prescribed me with flagyl antibiotics, paracetamol for mild painkiller and ibuprofen for a stronger one.

Last nite, Alhamdulillah I managed to ‘gain’ my old laugh back & really enjoyed ourselves at Sarah’s wedding.

So now, im officially back-to-normal & very much happy about it….yeay!! ;D

Monday, August 3, 2009


finally...i've secured myself a camera. it takes years for me to decide which one suited me most. macam cari laki lak...huhu.

picture quality is as significant as an SLR & has dual operating functions .... ;D
here are some outdoor snapshots taken during the nite...