Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As a muslim, aku tak nak turut ketinggalan dalam usaha membantu saudara kita di Palestin. Cukuplah melihat israel laknatullah menyembelih umat-umat Islam di sana. Darah-darah mereka dah macam takde value di mata musuh Allah ni. Dont wait for others to start it. This is a call to perform our duties. Lets play our part and combine our strength in wutever forms to help the Palestinians now!

- we may donate direct to any funds meant for Gaza bombing victims (money is more preferrable as it will be needed to buy medical supplies and foods. the rest will spend for their shelters).
1) Palestine Relief Fund by Mercy Malaysia
2) Tabung Bantuan Asia Barat by TV3
3) Gaza Humanitarian Fund by Malaysian for Peace

- we may become volunteers (apa-apa position pun) for NGO bodies. bley refer to these websites, but please google for more....

- pray hard to Allah taala for their safety